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Dare 2B Different Events says it all in its name.. We are an event planning and design firm that specializes in the planning, design and production of weddings and special events. 

*We are DARING when we plan. We bring your vision to life with complete confidence so that you can trust our team with all of your wedding and event dreams. 

*We are BOLD every time we begin to design. When you walk into a room, we want you to believe that anything is possible because with our team, it really is!

*We are DIFFERENT in how we service our clients. We aim to service you, our client and not just your event. Our goal is to offer each client an experience that is unforgettable and unique. The meticulous, diligent and coordinated approach of our event planning team, will ensure that your event is in a class of its own. This approach guarantees that your guest partake in something new and exciting!

Planing an event can be stressful, no matter how small your guest count is. There are so many logistics that are never considered until the day of the event when in most instances, its too late. Let my team and I handle all of this for you. An experienced planner can be the difference in pulling off a successful event or leaving your event with a major headache. 

Let's chat in more detail about how my team can be of benefit to you!



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