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I am the Senior Event Planner and Designer  behind D2BD Events, and for over nine years I have helped clients have the best time of their life!


To my right is  my brother Douglas, the COO of D2BD Events. A honest fact about us? We never got along growing up. We were those siblings that were always screaming "MOM", so we could be the first to tell on each other but today we are the BEST of friends! LOL


Our proudest moments are seeing the faces of those who entrusted us with their celebration; and experiencing the joy that fulfills them when they see how we transformed  their event space.


Your vision is our inspiration to continue setting trends. No two events of ours will ever be the same. Ready to get started? We are!

  • What do you enjoy doing when you are not planning an event?
    Traveling! I love jet-setting to an exotic location to discovering all that life has to offer . Every discovery provides inspiration for my next event.
  • Favorite Hobby?
    Watching TV. I will pay my cable bill before my mortgage. I need my TV! (joking). But do not worry, when my clients need me I turn the tv off!
  • What makes you different from other event planners? What is your super power?
    I listen! A good and bad thing about me is I listen intently. Sometimes it backfires on me, and my friends and family use me as their personal therapist; but for my clients it's an excellent skill to have. I listen to your wants, desires, must have's and cannot live without. Your celebration is all about you and if it’s a wedding it’s all about you and your fiancé. I listen so I can understand exactly what it is that you want and how I can be of value to you. This is what helps me with the "Wow" factor. Even if you have no idea what it is that you want, no worries, we will figure this out together.
  • How do we get started?
    By clicking the Let's Chat button. Before I start planning any event, I first conduct a consultation call. This is a great way for both the client and I, to see if we are a good fit for each other. It will also assure the client if they decide to move forward with us, we have them covered.


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Yes! We travel...

We can plan your event anywhere! We are currently located in Dallas, Texas but have ties to the East Coast as well as Southwest so the D2BD team can come where ever you need us to be. Planning a Destination Wedding, Girls Trip, out of country birthday party? Call us!

Our portfolio consists of past client events in North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, VA/DC, St. Thomas,  Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. We love to travel!

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Our consultation is complimentary and this could be the most rewarding 15 minutes of your life! Just click the link. 

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